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8/21/2014 4:14:07 AM
Sandy Neck Beach Status


Off Road Vehicle
Updated: 7/19/2014 9:54:22 AM

The front beach is open from Access Trail to East of Trail 2(2.0 miles).

The daytripper only parking area is located approximately between Trail 1 and Trail 2. It is clearly marked on the beach.

5MPH on the beach for safety please.

2014 ORV Permit Prices
Barnstable Residents: $85
Sandwich Residents: $145
Non-resident: $160

Camp Fires
Updated: 3/28/2013 1:03:56 PM

Weather permitting, evening camp fires (including cooking fires) on the front beach are allowed after sunset or 7:00PM, whichever is earlier. Fires must be placed on the Cape Cod Bay side of the established ORV corridor. The Park Manager or NRO have final discretion on all fires.

Fishing and Shellfishing
Updated: 6/9/2014 8:52:53 AM

Trail 4 is closed and the shellfish beds are NOT accessible via off road vehicle.

Fishing is permitted on Sandy Neck Beach in all areas except the Public Beach (directly adjacent to the parking lot). Please call the Gatehouse (508-362-8300) for information about shellfish bed access.

Horseback Riding
Updated: 6/9/2014 8:25:25 AM

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The beach is now open to just East of Trail 2. Horseback riding is permitted on the front beach from Access Trail to just East of Trail 2(2.0 miles).
NO horseback riding on the weekends and Holidays.

Cottage Owners
Updated: 6/9/2014 8:18:37 AM

Currently, 2.0 miles of the beach is open. This means Trail 2 is open for cottage owner vehicle access. Trails 6,5 and 4 are CLOSED!
The escort schedule is as follows(you must call the gatehouse to make a reservation):
8:15AM (on) * 9:00AM (off)
10:30AM(on) * 11:00AM(off)
12:30PM(on) * 1:00PM (off)
3:30PM(on) * 4:00PM (off)
6:00PM(on) * 6:30PM (off)
In addition, we will continue to provide escorts upon request as long as said escorts are arranged in advance by prior reservation.
*Remember we cannot escort after dusk.
*We will need a 24 hour advanced notice if you need an escort during the morning hours before 8:00AM.
*Supervisors are only available to schedule escorts between 8AM and 11PM.
*Please meet the ranger(for an escort off the beach) at the closure rope at the mouth of Trail 5. Do not drive past the rope even if it is down.
*If you have any question please call the Gatehouse 508-362-8300.

Fat Tire Bikes
Updated: 6/9/2014 8:55:07 AM

Fat Tire Bikes are allowed on the front beach up to(just East of) Trail 2(2.0 miles)and on the side trails (Trail 2 and Trail 1)and the Marsh Trail and Horse Trail. Please do not ride past Trail 2 on the front beach due to the presence of nesting shorebirds. The beach closure will change as the season progresses so please re-visit this website prior to each visit. BIKES MUST STAY ON OPEN MARKED TRAILS!

Sandy Neck Beach Park
425 Sandy Neck Road
W. Barnstable, Ma 02668
Gatehouse: 508-362-8300
MEA Office: 508-790-6272

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