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12/21/2014 3:47:45 PM
How to obtain and ORV permit

A valid registration is required in order to purchase an OVR Sticker (no dealer, farm, or repair plates).

Proof of residency is required in order to obtain a Barnstable or Sandwich ORV sticker. Residency can be proven by:

  1. Tax bill
  2. Minimum one year property lease
  3. Vehicle registration with a street address
    (PO Box is not sufficient)
  4. Other legal documents such as a deed or will (this does not include utility bills, excise tax bills, etc.)
  5. College students may provide a tuition bill with a Barnstable or Sandwich address.

Barnstable and Sandwich residents wishing to obtain an ORV sticker must have their vehicle registered in their name (or the name of a person residing at the same address) unless:

  1.  They have written permission to use a company vehicle.
  2. Proof of ownership of the company on the vehicle registration.
  3. A minimum one year vehicle lease agreement.

Sticker replacement is $1.00 providing:

  1. The old sticker is returned or,
  2. There is documented proof (approved by the Park Manager) that the old sticker was destroyed.

All ORV stickers (issued by the Sandy Neck Gatehouse) and Resident Parking Stickers (issued by the Barnstable Recreation Division and the Town of Sandwich) are not valid unless they are permanently affixed to the vehicle and the license plate number on the vehicle matches the sticker (except for authorized laminated stickers). The protective sheet must be removed from the adhering side of the sticker and the sticker must be adhered to the window of the vehicle.

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