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Hyannis Water System Flushing Program

The Hyannis Water System will be conducting the Annual Flushing Program during the months of March, April and May in the villages of Hyannis, Hyannisport and West Hyannisport. Flushing the water main is a normal preventive maintenance procedure to improve water quality, safety and test the system regarding fire flows. This program will ensure the Hyannis Fire Department’s ability to provide fire protection service and to ensure that all hydrants on the system are in good working condition.

United Water operations personnel will be flushing Monday thru Friday 8am to 3pm. Signs will be posted in the various areas where work is being conducted. The Town of Barnstable’s website is available to check the list of frequently asked questions and answers, the areas involved and a schedule of when flushing will occur. This schedule will be updated regularly. Some areas may experience discolored or cloudy water during this time but this will only be temporary. Refrain from doing laundry when flushing happens in your area and afterwards let the water run for a few minutes if discolored. For any questions, please contact the Hyannis Water System office at 508-775-0063.



Hyannis Water Flushing Schedule by Weeks and General Grid Areas Starting March 25, 2013


Week #1


Grids 1A and 2A Include areas: Rte 28 east to Yarmouth Line; West to Spring Street and Ridgewood Ave; South to Main Street. Yarmouth Road, Old Yarmouth Road north to Hyannis Village line.



Week #2


Grids 3A and 4A Include areas: Main Street and Yarmouth Road to Hyannis Village line to Ocean Street; South to Kalmus Beach; West to Gosnold Street to Harbor Road.


Week #3


Grid 2B Include areas: Iyannough Road (Rte. 132) south to Stevens Street; East to Spring Street; West to Fresh Holes Road and southern part of Bearses Way.


Week #4


Grid 3B Includes areas: Steven Street: South to Stetson Street: East to Old Colony Road; West to West Main Street rotary.



Week #5


Grid 4B Includes areas: Southgate Street; South to Ocean Ave; East to Hawes Avenue; West to Greenwood Avenue.

Grid 1B Includes areas Airport Way: South to Barnstable Road north of airport rotary; West to Plant Road; East to Mary Dunn Road.


Week #6


Grid 2C includes areas:  South of RTE 132 to County Seat Road; West to Lincoln Road Ext; East to Warehouse Road.



Week #7


Grid 3C includes areas: Mitchells Way and Pitchers Way south to Simmons Pond; East to West End rotary; West to Straightway.



Week #8


Grid 1C Includes areas: Festival Plaza; South to Corporation Road; West to Castlewood; East to Airport Road.

Grid 4D Includes areas: Craigsville Beach Road; South to Crossway; East to First Avenue; West to Seventh Avenue.



Week #9


Grid 3D Includes areas: West Main Street; South to Craigsville Beach Road; West to Hyannis Village line; East to Straightway.


Week #10


Grid 2D Includes areas: North and South of RTE 28; West to Hyannis Village line; East to Pitchers Way including potions of Old Strawberry and Castlewood Drive.



Week #11


Grid 1D Includes areas: North to Old Strawberry from the Hyannis Village line; South to Midway; West to Hyannis Village line; East to Statice Lane to Sunbeam Drive.






Question 1: What is flushing?

Answer 1: Flushing is a method to clean the water main pipe by using high water velocity to “flush-out” sediment and minerals that are building up over time.

Question 2: How does this flushing happen?

Answer 2: The high water velocity is created by opening fire hydrants in the street. In this way the whole water main pipe gets cleaned systematically.

Question 3: What other benefits does this flushing have?

Answer 3: The other benefit is the testing of the fire hydrants to make sure they operate properly.

Question 4: What does the Hyannis Water System customer have to do?

Answer 4: If the water is discolored, let the cold water run for a few minutes to clear the water line. Many homes have an outside spigot which generally is your first cold water tap. Starting with this tap first will produce quicker results to the rest of your cold water taps.

Question 5: Is flushing a health hazard?

Answer 5: Flushing is not a health hazard. The temporary discoloration of the water is an unavoidable effect of flushing with an aesthetic value only.

Question 6: Should I do laundry when the flushing crew is working in my area?

Answer 6: Hyannis Water System customers should refrain from doing laundry during flushing operations.

Customers are encouraged to call the Hyannis Water System office with any concerns and questions at (508)775-0063.


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