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About the Project:

Marstons Mills Village Center has an appealing concentration of small scale commercial, retail and civic uses at the heart of the village, where Cotuit Road (Route 149), River Road, and Main Street converge. As the 1880 Walker Map shows, this configuration of roadways and the intersection at the heart of the village developed as the village settled over several centuries and served commerce and residents well until the auto use increased as surrounding land in the village was developed as single family homes. As use of the intersection increased the village center is increasingly affected by transportation issues, including the narrow roadways, high travel speeds, variable topography, the unconventional (for auto use) configuration of the intersection, insufficient intersection sight distance, and an overall lack of pedestrian and bicycle accommodations.

The Department of Public Works and the Planning and Development Department of Town of Barnstable has initiated a planning study to develop feasible and sensible transportation improvements for the Village. The planning and design project, funded by Cape Cod Commission mitigation funds, will be conducted in two phases. The first phase involves the development of concepts for improvements in the study area. The second phase of the project will produce the construction design plans for the identified improvements.

Recommendations and improvements will be developed with a thorough public process to include project stakeholders and village residents.

Project Goals

The intersection of Route 149 at Main Street/River Road currently proves hazardous for motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists. To remedy this situation, the project goals include:

  • To safely incorporate pedestrian and bicycle improvements within the designated study area including improvements to and extensions of sidewalks.
  • To develop landscape, streetscape and traffic calming improvements in the area.
  • To develop recommendations to improve parking within the Village.
  • To enhance Village connections from Main Street to the small commercial core for all users.
  • To improve the intersection of Route 149 at Main Street and River Road while maintaining parking for the Marstons Mills Cash Market.

Project Phasing

The project is focused currently on the development of conceptual improvements for the Village. The project team will begin by assessing existing conditions, through field edits, survey data, previous studies, the collection of traffic data, and a review of current zoning and recent accident history in the study area. Areas of concern will be identified and may include elements such as drainage, lighting, traffic operations, travel speeds, connectivity, sight distance, curb cuts, and circulation patterns.

Stakeholders and residents will be involved at strategic points throughout the project.

Once existing conditions are well understood, conceptual designs will be explored. The project team will evaluate traffic circulation from the big picture perspective and the technical side, allowing development of both policy based and technical infrastructure improvements that, together, can dramatically improve village traffic circulation, multi-modal amenities, landscaping and parking. The consultant team will work closely with the Town to identify specific traffic and roadway issues as well as pedestrian and bicycle needs, and to create a village center that reflects a clear sense of community and one that is friendlier to all users.

In developing the improvements, efforts will be made to transform mute the dominance of vehicles to a space shared by multiple users, including motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists, and allowing the wonderful features of the Marstons Mills Village to be shared by many. In addition to infrastructure improvements, recommendations will be made regarding curb cuts, Village interconnections, and parking regulations to help transform the center.

Project Team

JoAnne Miller Buntich, Director of the Planning and Development Department, is the project manager and can be contacted at (508) 862-4735 or via email atjoanne.buntich@town.barnstable.ma.us with Steve Seymour GMD Senior Engineer, steve.seymour@town.barnstable.ma.us in close the Department of Public Works through the Town engineer, Roger Parsons roger.parsons@town.barnstable.ma.us. McMahon Associates is leading the consultant team, which consists of McMahon and Horsley Witten Group, Inc.; both firms are described below.

McMahon Associates

Transportation planning, engineering, and design are the foundation of what McMahon does in their 10-office, 120-employee firm. Over the past 36 years, McMahon has established an extensive track record of providing superior transportation planning and engineering services to numerous state agencies, counties, and municipalities in Massachusetts.

McMahon’s full-range of transportation planning and engineering services include, but are not limited to: transportation planning and development; roadway improvements; highway design; stormwater design; transit design; traffic calming recommendations and implementation; traffic signal system design and monitoring; pedestrian and bicycle accommodations; parking studies; traffic reviews; and preparation of contract bid documents. Most of McMahon’s projects require a comprehensive, highly communicative public participation process, which lead to consensus among various interest groups. McMahon has consistently delivered transportation solutions that resolve client’s infrastructure needs for today and the future.

Horsley Witten Group, Inc.

Horsley Witten Group, Inc. (HW) brings over 25 years’ experience and has provided planning and design services for a diverse collection of villages on Cape Cod and across the United States. HW will provide expertise in landscape architecture, planning, lighting design, stormwater system design, and environmental permitting services. Through great communication, cooperation and teamwork, McMahon and HW have collaborated in the past to present a united front focused on meeting our clients’ needs.

HW is well experienced in land use planning, infrastructure planning, economic development, housing production, open space preservation, community design, natural resource protection, smart growth, low impact development, and smart energy. Since the inception in 1988, HW has worked with numerous municipalities across Massachusetts providing technical assistance in the form of planning, zoning and public education. HW is nationally recognized for its public engagement and facilitation expertise.





Project Goals  |  Project Phasing  |  Project Team  |  McMahon Associates  | Horsley Witten Group, Inc.  







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