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Pumpout Program


The Barnstable Pumpout Boats are in service through Columbus Day weekend and they will be running Wednesday through Sunday 8 am to 4 pm weather dependant. The boats can be easily identified. Both boats are white center console vessels with the lettering “HARBORMASTER” on both sides. The pumpout boats monitor VHF channels 16 and 09 during operating hours. Please continue to schedule pumpouts using the e-mail address pumpout@town.barnstable.ma.us or call the Harbormaster's office at

(508) 790-6273. It is helpful to schedule pumpouts in advanced. The shore side pumpout will be available in Hyannis Harbor as well as Barnstable Harbor during daylight hours through October 27th. Contact the Dockmasters for assistance.

Bismore Park Marina: (508) 790-6327  Barnstable Harbor Marina: (508) 326-1836


How to get pumped out

There are several ways to arrange for the pumpout boat to empty the holding tank on your boat:

You can simply flag down the pumpout boat on the water when you see it. If not in route to another requested pumpout the operator will immediately service your request.

Two:  You can use your VHF or marine band radio. Make arrangements by hailing “Barnstable Pumpout Boat” on VHF channel 16 or 09. Because the operator is not always in a position to see the radio on the boat, be sure to state the name of your vessel as well as the channel that you are calling on. When you reach the pumpout boat (be patient, the operator may be on another call) the operator will request you move to a working channel and get the relevant information to complete the pumpout.
Three: You can phone Barnstable Harbormaster office at (508) 790-6273 or
email: pumpout@town.barnstable.ma.us  The following information will be needed in order for the pumpout operator to locate and pump your holding tank:

Name of Owner/Operator, Name of vessel, Call back Number
Size, hull color, and type of vessel
Location of vessel
Side of vessel Discharge is on

There are also 2 land based semi-self service pumpout stations in the Town of Barnstable. There is one on the south side located at the west end of the bulkhead at Bismore Park Marina in the Hyannis Inner Harbor. The other is on the north side at the Barnstable Harbor Inner Harbor. There are Dockmasters at both of these locations 7 days a week to assist you. 

The pumpout service is a free service, funded in part by the Massachusetts Clean Vessel Act, offered to all boaters & we encourage you to use it and help protect one of our most valued resources.





Dan Horn
Pumpout Operator/Assistant Harbormaster
Jarod Smoller
Seasonal Pumpout Operator
Laurel DeLong
P 508-790-6273
F 508-790-6275
E Pumpout
8:30a.m. to 4:15 p.m.
1189 Phinneys Lane
Centerville, . 02632

Public Records
Ann Quirk
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