Accessory Affordable Apartment Program

The Accessory Affordable Apartment Program (Section 9, Article II of the Code of the Town of Barnstable) implements part of Barnstable's Affordable Housing Plan. Since its beginning in 2000, the Program's main objective is to use existing housing stock to provide affordable housing.  The Program allows creation of new accessory affordable units either in the dwelling or within an existing detached structure on owner-occupied properties.


These affordable apartment units are subject to a Comprehensive Permit issued by the Zoning Board of Appeals Hearing Officer. 


Growth Management staff assists the property owner throughout the permitting process by:

  • Working with the property owner to determine if their property is eligible for the program
  • Assisting property owners, if they are eligible, with funding application for eligible costs associated with creating an accessory affordable department

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Accessory Affordable Apartment Program - Zoning Board of Appeals
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Housing Coordinator
Arden Cadrin
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